Adorable moments of a little monkey hugging a flock of baby ducklings

There is nothing sweeter than friendship between different kinds of animals. Even cuter when it comes with small animals.

They will make friends with each other in the sweetest and most natural way. Their charming connection sometimes even surprises others. How are they so different and get along so well with each other?

As we can see, a baby monkey is hugging a little duckling. The tiny monkey sits on the ground and continues to gently touch his friend’s head and face. How sweet they are!

When we love someone, we often make some cute gestures for them. For example, people pet small puppies on the head, give them a big hug, or simply look at them lovingly.

Then monkey follows the little ones, they walk together and discover for them something new. This cute “gang” is now inseparable!

He’s climbing trees but keeps looking down to check on them. They are waiting for him to return to them.

Monkey eats some nutrients while his furry friends enjoy delicious rice.

What can be cuter than these friends? When they are together, it’s already an overabundance of cuteness!

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