Owl and Kitten Duo Charm Coffee Shop Customers with Constant Cuddling and Playing

With an owl in its logo, it might not be a surprise that Japan’s Hukulou Coffee actually has baby owls inside.

But what patrons weren’t expecting was that one of those owls would become best friends with a cat.

Fuku, about the size of the grapefruit, is among several owls who have called Hukulou home.

Inspired by popular cat cafes, the coffee shop has housed many types of animals over the years, also including ferrets and even a hedgehog.

But when kitten Marimo joined the menagerie, owner Ritsuko Nagaraha realized an unlikely friendship was forming.

Marimo and Fuku took to each other immediately and have been best friends ever since, playing, cuddling and generally charming everyone who sees them.

The two are now the stars of the show, with a large online following and a legion of customers who can’t wait to see them every day.

If you were hoping to travel to Japan one day, Marimo and Fuku are one more reason to make it happen.

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