Pregnant mum expecting triplets ends up giving birth to surprise fourth baby

When this woman was pregnant, everyone was surprised that she was expecting triplets, but everyone was surprised when they learned that in fact not three, but four children would be born.

The children’s father was so excited that he even fainted during the delivery. Every little thing is a blessing, and this particular couple received multiple blessings at once.

According to the probability, the four children were girls. At first, when the pregnancy was only twelve weeks old, doctors said they would have triplets, but five weeks later they learned the unexpected.

During the scan, the fourth cub was snug in Gemma’s belly. He nearly fainted after hearing the news. They had very little time to prepare for the arrival of their four children.

Although it took time to master the concept, all their worries disappeared after the birth of their babies. The children were born earlier than expected because there was a problem. After the doctor examined her, it was decided that Gemma needed an emergency caesarean and her daughters were born the next morning.

It would be better for the woman because the children were heavy in the belly and she could not move. Husband fainted during childbirth. The children’s father only remembers waking up on the delivery room floor with a pillow over his head after everything was done.

He quickly got up to show his support for his wife and see his daughters for the first time, and it was an amazing feeling he will never forget.

Because they were born prematurely, they were transferred to neonatal care and had to stay in the neonatal intensive care unit for at least three months before they could go home with their parents.

Although their daughters are not at home, they often go to the hospital and prepare for the arrival of the children at home. They were looking forward to this day.

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