Breakthrough – Putin signed a Federal Law to toughen penalties for animal cruelty

The nations of the world seem to agree on the same goal in recent years, in the visualization and condemnation of animal abuse and criminalize those who perform these horrific acts of pure cruelty.

Although there are countries that have decided to roll back their legislation to favor animals, as in the United Kingdom, news that you can see here, and there is the example of Russia, which with a new Federal Law toughened the existing penalties in the matter of mistreatment against animals.

The President of Russia, Vladimir Putin, is an animal lover, he and other world leaders have their presidential pets that accompany them making the most important decisions of their nation, you can meet them here.

As his love for animals is very great, his cause is in favor of their welfare and seeks to reduce animal abuse by increasing the penalty to those who practice it in his nation.

Last December 20, Putin signed a Federal Law increasing the maximum prison sentence for animal abuse, increased from two years to five years. The document has been published by the official legal information portal of the Eurasian country.

It also included that crimes of animal abuse or cruelty that are committed in the presence of a minor, by a group of people through a prior agreement or those that are published on the Internet, will be punished with a fine in rubles that would be equivalent between 1,400 and 4,300 euros or with two years of corrective work. However, the most serious crimes may be punished with hard labor for up to five years or with a sentence of three to five years in prison.

This decision was taken by the Federal Law in response to several extremely cruel crimes that were presented last year in the Russian nation and they need to show intolerance to these acts and that the culprits receive the full weight of the law.

Another of the modifications is that the physical, psychological and emotional state of the animal victim of the atrocious attack will be evaluated and this will directly influence the penalty that the criminal will face.

In addition, the Russian government’s call is that they be alert to any crime of mistreatment and report it to the authorities to make them receive the punishment they deserve and prevent the animals from being victims.

This is very good news for Russia because this means that it is a more responsible and sympathetic nation for the welfare of its animals.

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