Cute stray cat talks nonstop while woman stops to feed her

Two people visit their favorite ginger cat, and the cat starts meowing as soon as she sees them. The cat is on the other side of a green fence, but it is barely an obstacle to her.

She starts to climb the fence and jumps over it without issue. On the sidewalk, she says hello to her two human visitors. They greet her by petting her.

It is a sunny day, and the sidewalk and streets are filled with various colors from all types of interesting objects. The cat is only interested in the people and this tree beside her.

She is a very talkative cat as she continues to meow and trill. The people are conversing, and the cat moves towards the tree and rubs her back against the rough bark.

The cute cat has beautiful green eyes that match the leaves surrounding her. It is a busy day with people and cars passing by on the street and sidewalk.

Even the city noise cannot drown out the cat’s talking. She has been meowing nonstop while receiving gentle pets and scratches from her two admirers.

The only time the cat stops making noise is when they reach down and place food onto the sidewalk. She crouches down and enjoys the meal while the sound of vehicles and people can be heard once again.

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