A dog who was afraid of being touched does not want to leave his rescuer now

This dog’s name is Aka, she unfortunately lived most of her life in abandoned conditions. He was sick with the plague, due to which he lost his fur and was very scared.

He spent the whole day wandering around the warehouses looking for something to eat, he didn’t even have a place to sleep. Fortunately, he met Michael Thule on the other side, who immediately helped the poor dog.

His savior said it was the worst case he had ever seen on the street. At first the dog did not understand what was happening, he ran away, but the man gave him food and won the dog’s trust.

Michael was extremely kind to the dog, but the animal didn’t know how to react. The locals did not like homeless dogs and threw stones at them, Aka was afraid that this person would mistreat her.

However, after some time he allowed the boy to hug him and they went to the shelter together. Here the dog was examined and began to be treated, and after some time the change was visible.

The dog was completely transformed. But the most important thing is that he has regained his trust in people. Aka knows why she must go on living. He has regained his self-confidence and requires constant attention.

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