The Internet is completely smitten with a Japanese doggie that resembles a raccoon

The internet is now in a frenzy about a charming animal known as a raccoon dog.

This species is mostly found in Japan and has nothing to do with the raccoons we’re all familiar with; it’s completely distinct and merely looks like one of them.

A tanuki (the Japanese word for raccoon dogs) became popular in Japan earlier this month when photos of him heating himself close to a little burner were shared over 10,000 times.

This is a raccoon doggie (or tanuki), and while many people confuse it for a raccoon, it has nothing in common with them.

Earlier this month, Twitter user @chibi tori posted images of his raccoon puppy, which quickly went popular.

Tanu was orphaned in June, and Chibi tori has been caring for him ever since.

Tanu the doggie is warming up near to a fire. He really adores it.

Tanukis sleep throughout the cold, therefore you can usually find him napping by to his fire.

Tanu is shown here enjoying his lunch. He’s such a sweet little creature.

If you want to see more pictures of Tanu, follow @chibi tori on Twitter.

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