A dog loves her toys so much that she will always take one with her when she goes for a walk

A dog is like a girl, and just like them they love their toys. Some of these are designed for animals to have a good time having fun and even become part of their life. As in the case of our protagonist.

A little dog that has a great variety of fluffy and beloved toys

And if not, let’s ask Poi, an adorable golden retriever who always carries a different toy every time she goes for a walk. When the adorable dog feels exhausted from playing so much, she just lies on them for a while.

The canine stays peacefully asleep next to her beloved stuffed animals, and it is there when, in her enviable nap, she repairs strength and returns to the ring. His life is based only on the purest fun.

The little dog was baptized with that name, as an abbreviation of Poseidon, Greek god of the seas and oceans. She has to her credit a multiplicity of fluffy toys and dolls of all kinds, types and colors.

There are many to choose from, so every day he decides on one or the other before leaving his human father’s hand for a walk in the fresh air. Moreover, to say of this, the toys work as a kind of ”security blanket” for her.

“She’s always loved carrying something in her mouth since she was a puppy,” the man said.

In fact, there are so many options that, according to his caregiver, Poi goes through a selection process before going out on the street. She decides which one she likes the most each week, depending on how she sees the day dawning.

In addition, Poi has another great talent: the intelligent dog, she is not only able to hold her beloved toys in perfect balance. He also does it with his food. Helping himself with his little head, he does not let them fall to the ground.

He has a great balance ability

And is that, Poi is a very cunning dog, who not only knows how to have fun with her dream stuffed animals for her. She also uses them as big cushions where she lies down when she feels exhausted from so much jumping and playing.

“Carrying the toys with her gives her a certain feeling of comfort. To see her do it and the expression of happiness on her face is just adorable,” said Poi’s father.

Poi and her collection of stuffed friends

Without a doubt, this adorable dog goes crazy with her fantastic and versatile toys. She just can’t help but take one every time her dad opens the house door and calls her to play outside.

And it is that, once again it is proved that, like us human beings, each pet has something that makes them unique and identifies them. That is precisely what comforts us and fills us with happiness in our sad days.

Although their way of maturing is different from ours, you always have to take into account the age of a pet when choosing a toy. A puppy or puppy is not the same as an adult puppy or dog.

For example, a three-month-old toddler still has baby teeth, therefore, at that age, his toys should be made of very soft fabric or rubber. Once the dentition has passed, the animal will already have a more strengthened jaw.

In conclusion, if you live with a pet, it is not only important that you know how to take care of his health and monitor his diet. Playing is an essential activity for their development when they are puppies and, also, when they are adults. Let’s just ask Poi how much he loves to play.

Stuffed animals can be an excellent option to offer them. Furry ones love to curl up on them to sleep. Of course, make sure that they are their own and do not confuse them with those of the children in the house.

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