Man Risks His Life In War-Ravaged Syria To Care For Over 200 Abandoned Cats

Mohammed Alaa Jaleel is a brave cat-lover living in Aleppo, Syria. He helps save cats who have been left behind by those that can no longer live in the city.

In a square surrounded by rundown apartment buildings sits Muhammed Alaa Jaleel. Well, actually it’s Mr. Jaleel and 100 cats sitting in the square.

You see, this man has spent the last year or so saving whatever cats he can from the destruction wrought upon Aleppo, Syria.

Some people leave their animals with Mr. Jaleel, knowing he loves cats. He tells the story of one little girl who left her cat with him and her contact info.

She contacts him often, asking about her beloved pet, and he sends her photos.

Any animal that Jaleel comes across he takes in. He says he will stay in Aleppo, caring for the animals as long as they need him.

Despite the threat of danger from the war, he is confident that his job is there, helping the animals survive as best he can.

It’s incredibly inspiring to see what Mr. Jaleel is doing to protect the animals of Aleppo. As one Youtube commenter put it: “These are the stories we need to hear.

Not all those that bring fear and hate to people’s hearts, but the ones that tell about the unsung heroes, the children…all the ones who have no voice.”

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