IQ Test: You have eagle eyes if you can spot the odd chicken at the farm in 10 seconds

IQ tests are a fun way to know whether you have a high or low

intelligence quotient

(IQ). The IQ tests can help you in measuring your cognitive skills, for example, how skilled are you in solving problems or how good are your reasoning & logic.The types of

IQ test

can range from – verbal, nonverbal, or full-scale. These brain teasers are often exhaustive and tedious. But if you enjoy them, it can be an exciting and fun way to test your intelligence quotient. So, are you excited to measure your logical thinking and problem-solving skills. If yes, then you have come to the right page. We are ready with today’s challenge for you and we bet you are going to enjoy this.

Scroll down to get started with today’s IQ challenge.IQ Test: Spot the Odd Chicken in 10 SecondsLook at the picture given below carefully and try to spot the odd chicken at the farm within 10 seconds.

Image Source: Bright SideIn the image shown above, you can see eight chicken that look almost identical. Yes, they look ‘almost’ identical, but there’s is a tiny difference. If you have the eagle eyes, you should be able to spot the difference within 10 seconds.

Are you able to spot the odd chicken?There’s a very minor difference, so you need to look in detail to spot it.Concentrate, look at each chicken to find out what’s missing?Time is running out, find the odd chicken at the earliest.We have provided the right answer to this quiz below, but it would be cheating if you scroll down before challenging yourself. However, we will not judge you even if you fail to solve this quiz.So, just relax, take a little bit extra time, if you have to, and solve the puzzle.Sorry, your time is up!We will be showing the answer below in3…2…1…And the answer is…Well, it’s the third chicken (from left) in the second row. Check the image below…

Image Source: Bright SideWell done, if you managed to find the odd chicken within 10 seconds.But if not, you can try another IQ Test from the link provided below

IQ tests can indeed be a fun way to challenge your cognitive abilities and measure your problem-solving skills. The provided IQ test, which asks you to spot the odd chicken in a group of similar-looking chickens, is a visual puzzle that tests your attention to detail and observation skills.

The answer to the puzzle is the third chicken from the left in the second row.

If you enjoyed this IQ challenge and would like to try more, you can follow the link provided to explore additional IQ tests and brain teasers. These tests can be a fun and engaging way to exercise your brain and improve your problem-solving abilities.

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