A home security camera in Washington State captured footage of a raccoon attempting to catch falling snowflakes.

I don’t live where it snows, but whenever I go somewhere where it does, I look for new animal prints.
Because snow captures paw print markings better than pine needles or dirt, it’s fascinating to see the steps an animal takes and the path they choose.

Every now and then, you may come across something intriguing and find yourself at a loss for words.
Timothy Ellis noticed some unusual markings on his deck in Everett, Washington, and he had no idea what the markings were from.

Timothy Ellis has a floodlight security camera mounted on his deck, and it captured the trash panda frolicking in Everett, Washington, on the evening of December 19th, 2022.

The 27-second video, spotted by Boing Boing, shows the raccoon standing on its hind legs and reaching toward the sky to catch snowflakes, only to have each one whiz past him and disappear into the thick layer of snow below.

The perplexed animal repeatedly searches the ground with its paws for the fallen flakes before reaching heavenward for another attempt.

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