300-gram kitten pleads for just one chance when they expected her to fall asleep forever

A tiny kitten, with only 300 grams and a few hours of life, had already experienced the worst human evil, and on the part of her own owner, who should offer her protection and love.

There are creatures that barely touch this world they seem to be exposed to suffering, but the good deed of some people can generate a radical change in any story. This is the case of a kitten who survived the cruel fate that sheltered her other little brothers who died at birth, and now she looks an incredible transformation.

The 300-gram kitten was left by her owner in the hands of a veterinarian to be put to sleep.300 grams
A completely inconceivable but real act, the owner of this cat went to a clinic to be put to sleep. According to the man, the baby kitten was the only survivor of a litter but the subject had no intention of keeping her.

The poor thing was extremely weak and nervous.

With just a few weeks of life, the creature suffered not only rejection but neglect. The kitten was infested with fleas and had a pitiful weight. She also suffered a deformation in her bones, so her health was quite delicate and that would be the reason why the subject asked to be put to sleep.

Fortunately, the veterinarian ignored her request and a nurse took care of the kitten.
This fact happened in Brisbane, Australia, and when the local rescue organization Best Friends Felines heard about the case, they did not hesitate to go to the place to rescue the kitten. The little girl was baptized as Lulu.

“Lulu was riddled with fleas, loaded with hookworms, totally emaciated and almost bald, as the babies were so hungry that they ate each other’s skin to try to nourish and sustain them,” said Kiki, a Best Friends Felines volunteer.

He took only one chance and fortunately, his pleas were heard

Although they came to her rescue, the BFF volunteers knew that the kitten’s condition was critical and the chances of survival were slim. However, they would do everything possible to bring it forward.

“She was small, but powerful, so eager to fight for her life. Lulu was one of those kitties who capture your heart instantly, not only because of her condition, but because she has the biggest personality, boldly confident and super outgoing,” Kiki stated.

They never imagined that such a tiny kitten had such a determined and overwhelming personality

Surrounded by the necessary love and care, Lulu managed to overcome the battle for her life. Her caregivers were very attentive to her and especially during the first weeks she spent in the shelter.

Now his transformation moves millions of people especially because of his sad beginning

Although she still has a long way to go, Lulu’s life has completely changed.

In addition to the people who have supported her, the little one found a loving owner who is willing to fill the rest of her days with light and a lot of love. It’s about Reece, who renamed the little girl as Ciri and is in charge of spoiling her and helping her overcome all her past.

We find it very regrettable that her previous owner was willing to end the little girl’s life, just because. Luckily, the veterinarian was a dedicated professional who ignored her request, and thanks to that her story could be very different.

Someone had condemned her to die but the good managed to overcome all the evil. We thank the heroes of the foundation and everyone who did something to help her in her transformation.

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