A rare golden tiger has been found in India

It is rare to meet albino tigers and learn about them. However, meeting with a golden tiger seems even more improbable. It may seem to many that we can meet them only in fairy tales, but they exist in real life.

They live in a wild environment. Recently, some photos of this extremely rare golden tiger were shared on various social media. They were photographed by Mayuresh Hendre and he was very happy that he was able to capture those unique shots.

The incident took place in Kaziringa, India.

Golden tigers are very rare and they only live in the wild, so it is almost impossible to meet them in places where they feel there might be people.Scientists believe that the color of its fur is caused by a recessive gene that gets expressed due to extensive inbreeding.

Unfortunately, there is still not much information about this beautiful species since humans have not been close enough yet, to know other details about this beautiful and mysterious animal․

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