The man whispers “Do not die” in his horse’s ear

Seeing a loved one struggling with life’s challenges can be heartbreaking. This applies not only to family and friends but also to our pets and other animals we care about. The feeling becomes stronger when we are helpless.

One day a man named Marek Slodkowski from Poland came across a devastating sight while walking in his barn. His horse, Freedom, had fallen into the service pit, unable to get out.

The first thing that came to the farmer’s mind was to fill the hole with grass and raise the animal to a higher level, but Freedom was exhausted to fight for its liberation.

Eventually, Marek called the fire department to ask for help. The boys of the station were more than happy to answer the call.

Unfortunately, they had various unsuccessful attempts to save the poor animal, which was getting more and more tired every minute. They tried to use long ribbons, but they also failed.

For a moment Marek leaned over the horse’s ear and whispered to him, “It will be fine.” These words seemed magical, to everyone’s surprise, the horse gathered some strength and began to fight for his life.

The video below depicts the whole story. Be sure to watch it and share it with friends if you believe in the healing power of words of comfort given in despair.

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