Four adorable babies born from the union of a white lion and a white tigress

In the animal world, ligers have set a special record. They are a mixture of savage and lion. Four cubs were born to a white tiger and a lion.

In fact, they look like big kittens, and when they grow up, they will become the biggest cats on Earth.

The number of spotted tigers and lions is quite large all over the world, but it is not due to albinism, it is the result of a mutation. Saraswati and Ivory are their mother and father who live in an animal sanctuary where they started raising leopards.

The newborns were growing very fast and the vet was surprised, every day when he sees them seem to have doubled, they are gaining a kilo a day, it is an incredible result.

Among them stands out the little one named Yeti, who wants to be the center of everyone’s attention, is the largest and most active.

After all, these wonderful creatures are not only beautiful, but also very precious animals of the sanctuary.

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