This Dog Rescued From A Puppy Mill Can’t Believe He Just Got His First Bed

This poor dog has been living in a closed metal cage for many years. He lived in this cage all his life and was rarely outside, he didn’t know what love and affection are.

She was bred to reproduce, she unknowingly fathered hundreds of offspring.” And now the owner has decided to get rid of him because the dog is big enough to have children.

However, the rescue organization National Mill Dog Rescue came to rescue the dog and her puppies. Like other rescued dogs, he was also very shy, but after a while he let himself be loved and cuddled. The poor dogs that live in cages all suffer verbally and physically.

Although he was a very strong dog, he still needed to be rehabilitated and then he could be prepared for adoption. The dog got his first light and Freddie’s vibrant personality came through in a unique way.

This was very important for dogs living in such conditions who had spent their whole lives in puppy mills while their puppies were sold. It is terrible to imagine that for all these years the dog has not had such conditions.

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