The owner of the dogs that attacked and killed a man in Uruguay is taken to prison

Having any pet under our care requires responsibility and commitment; we, humans, will be in charge of providing and meeting the needs of our animals. However, there are pet breeds and other types of animals that require special supervision in their way of upbringing and in interaction with others.

The Uruguayan maroon dogs are a canine breed that has a large size, good muscle tonicity and strong jaws that are perfect for hunting; these dogs become very docile guardians if the owner tames them in the right way.

Unfortunately, on October 20, in a town near the city of Melo, Uruguay, a murder occurred caused by three maroon dogs that ferociously attacked the citizen Miguel Amaro, 53 years old, causing his death. The reason for the attack by the dogs on Mr. Amaro is unknown.

According to the victim’s father, Miguel was known for dogs, in recent weeks he had visited the family home of the dogs to perform work on the house and on the structure of several sheds next to the family residence.

The animals knew him well and yet they attacked him,” says Miguel Amaro’s father.

11 days after Amaro’s death, the media went to the house of the owner of the three Maroon dogs and he did not give statements, he limited himself to telling that everything was normal and that the dogs were already dead. By decision of the prosecutor’s office, the three canines that caused the death were ordered to be euthanized.

Days after the tragic decision of the sacrifice of the three maroons, the prosecution of the owner began. Uruguay has a responsible pet ownership law, this is the first case that reaches the prosecutor’s office of that country since the law was promulgated.

The prosecutor in charge of this case, Adriana Umpiérrez, explains that the prosecution began because the responsible tenure law allows the application of prison to the responsible figure, in addition to the fact that he can be prosecuted on charges of culpable homicide, that is, without intent to cause death.

This is the first case in Uruguay, where a person is imprisoned for not taking enough care of their pets, generating a before and after in the criminal history of that country.

The Uruguayan state wants more commitment from owners to their animals and it is a good tactic to generate responsibility.

Always remember to be aware of your pets and educate them in the right way. Don’t forget to share this news with your friends.

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