The kind hearted schoolgirl makes wheelchairs for animals and sends them to everyone without any charge

“You can’t live to no end,” says Kristina Stankova, a 17-year-old understudy from Ussuriysk, Primorsky Krai.  The acknowledgment of this basic truth came to her at 10 years old, and today the young lady laments just that it is so late!

Before the 4th grade, she, as most offspring of her age, went through hours after school playing PC games, yet today she looks at this as an exercise in futility.

For the way that she turned into a worker, Kristina is appreciative to her gym. In the first place, the young lady went out with companions to subbotniks coordinated by their school, then, at that point, she joined different sorts of natural activities.

In 2018, Kristina read about the nearby creature cover, coordinated companions, and they gathered food and bedding for the haven’s pets and took them to the safe house.

There Kristina saw a little canine with a boisterous name Mukhtar, his legs were incapacitated and he was moving around in an imported wheelchair that volunteers had purchased for him.

The young lady, having gotten back, took a seat at the PC to concentrate on data about such gadgets for creatures with handicaps. They were all solely unfamiliar made and madly expensive.

She started to contemplate the number of creatures that are made it lights-out time consistently on the grounds that their proprietors have no the means to purchase these assistive gadgets to help their pets.

So she thought, why not plan her own stroller? The thought was upheld by her dad, and presently the main model is prepared, made of polypropylene pipes with wheels from an old stroller.

Christina sewed a delicate base for it to help the creature’s middle. However, what next? The young lady chose to take her plan to the majority, making a page on Instagram.

Along these lines, on account of the verbal, an old woman who lived in the open country and who had a deadened canine caught wind of her development.

They called, the size of the wheelchair coordinated, and the principal result of the young lady viewed as its proprietor, yet serves him right up ’til now, after just about three years.

Because of the Internet an ever increasing number of individuals found out about Kristina and her innovation, she got calls, requesting help. She determined sizes, and after school she got to the machine.

The student wouldn’t take cash for her items, so she needed to take a late spring position to bring in cash for materials. In the principal year she specially made 20 child carriages, and in the next year … 220!

Obviously, so many wheelchairs Christina wouldn’t have the option to make absolutely in any event, for monetary reasons, however she started to convey an ever increasing number of wheels from carriages, pieces of lines, fabric.

For the way that she turned into a worker, Kristina is thankful to her exercise center. They included materials, ardent letters, and even presents. Great deed joined individuals of various ages and occupations.

What’s more, obviously, the guardians. Christina’s grandma and mom are exceptionally liberal, they imparted in her adoration and empathy for creatures.

Her mom Olga didn’t need to request that she take a neglected little dog or an injured bird, she would get them, save them, treat them…

And so it came out that today they have four felines, three canines and loads of other little creatures residing at home. Christina says of her future calling: maybe I will end up being a veterinarian, or an interpreter.

Learning dialects are extremely simple for her. What’s more, the young lady is likewise enamored with music, she plays a few instruments.

Regardless, regardless of where she concentrates after secondary school, Kristina doesn’t expect to leave her place of employment, and presently she is training her more youthful sister Alexa to keep on assisting burdened creatures with having a full and dynamic existence together.

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