The benevolent soldier rescued sick kitten’s life and now she has a loving family!

Christine Weber Bouldin served in Afghanistan back in 2008, when an extremely unique small felinne appeared in her existance and improved it. “I had never met a cat like that,” the lady told PEOPLE.

“I felt so upset for her. She was unable to stand straight and would flip over.” Appeared that the kitty had Cerebellar Hypoplasia, un-moderate sickness that influences coordinated abilities.

That is the reason the kitten wobbles when he strolls. Bouldin named the feline Felix, and fell so enamored with her, she chose to do all that to get him home…

She gave the driver 300 dollars to get him from their base and take her to pet safe house in Kabul, which should look after the feline until Bouldin could take the feline to the US.

“It was barely an hour to reach to our destination from Kabul, and you’re generally at risk for IEDs … I was stressed over her.

I couldn’t say whether I’d see her once more — on the off chance that they wouldn’t permit me to transport her home. I’m almost certain I yelled,” Bouldin recollects.

Yet, everything went fine, and when Bouldin got back certain time after the fact, she paid $2,000 in delivery expenses to get Felix back.

“I didn’t really mind what I needed to give,” says Bouldin. She accepted their association was worth the effort. Now the kittie still lives with Bouldin, her better half, and their male feline Gus in Lakewood, Colorado.

Bouldin says that Felix helped her through difficult stretches a great deal, and accepts the kitty is”an holy messenger shipped off me from God.”

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