They became parents for six offspring at once
Avoir et prendre soin des enfants est un travail très responsable. Surtout s’il y a plus d’un enfant dans la famille, tout devient beaucoup
A woman fell in love with a homeless man and married him
Emmy is a Swedish writer who found her life partner on the street. So the woman met Vic, who was homeless and had bad habits, but when he met Emmy, his
10 years ago the girl married a poor guy from India
When Elya and Puru started dating, no one believed that their romantic relationship would last long. Everyone was sure that the couple would break up soon
At the age of 25 she looks like a grandma
This fact is very difficult to believe. During her pregnancy, this woman underwent numerous examinations, various tests and checks, and fortunately her
The couple learnt that they were going to have twins but they did not expect what would happen
After the birth of twins, a very unusual and special event happens to the parents. But sometimes fate can reward some families more. This incident happened
Girl’s first word to mom at airport leaves everyone in tears
Little Lucy was born with Down syndrome and was an orphan for six years. Fortunately, his fate did not continue like that. An American family decided to
To avoid the retirement home, he places his 83-year-old father in a garden studio next to his house
This story is about a man who decides; made a small wooden house for his father and placed it in his yard. This is done in order not to move his old father
A beautiful girl disobeyed her mother and married a guy from a poor family and now 8 years have passed
This story is about a woman who is raising her daughter alone because her husband left her. The husband had left his daughter without any means and left.
The woman left her husband and five children
When Sergey was thirty-three years old, his life changed completely. He underwent a new test. His wife decided to leave him and leave the children to her husband.
Twins who were born on different days, months and years
This case happened in America, it was not a family event. The woman had twins 15 minutes apart, in different years. It turned out that these children were