300-gram kitten pleads for just one chance when they expected her to fall asleep forever
A tiny kitten, with only 300 grams and a few hours of life, had already experienced the worst human evil, and on the part of her own owner, who should
Breakthrough – Putin signed a Federal Law to toughen penalties for animal cruelty
The nations of the world seem to agree on the same goal in recent years, in the visualization and condemnation of animal abuse and criminalize those who
The cat with these kittens survived thanks to a woman who found them walking in the forest
We present to you a very exciting story about a woman’s heroic deed. The incident happened in Warsaw when a woman found the kittens while walking
Try and notice the odd snake out in this quiz as quickly as you can. If you can, congratulations! Only a few of the population has insight as good as you.
The reaction of a horse to see that his caregiver is heartbroken, emoctionates the networks
The reaction of a horse to see that his caregiver is heartbroken, emoctionates the networks A horse’s reaction to seeing that his caretaker is heartbroken
The man whispers “Do not die” in his horse’s ear
Seeing a loved one struggling with life’s challenges can be heartbreaking. This applies not only to family and friends but also to our pets and other
Don’t let this be the last Year of the Tiger
February marks the start of the Year of the Tiger in the Chinese calendar, and we need to raise $510,000 for Sumatran tiger conservation.
“Not only the departure of a dog destroys us” – Young man bursts into tears next to his deceased horse
A dog is a really loyal creature, but not only with these little angels we get to establish strong bonds. That is why the image of a man torn apart by
The ugly dog turned into a real beauty
In many countries there is a big problem with stray dogs. All this is particularly serious in Bali. According to statistics, there are about half a million
A three-year-old dog sits by an empty hospital bed waiting for his owner who is no longer alive
Everyone knows for sure that dogs are very loyal animals, this fact has been known for a long time. These ancient animals constantly surprise us with their