Personality test: the drink you choose reveals your dominant personality traits

Alcohol is one of the most consumed drinks in the world and comes in various forms. The type of alcoholic beverage you choose to consume can reveal your dominant personality traits.

Take the following viral personality test to find out how.

Personality Test: Each person հas a unique personality that is the result of nature, nurture, or even both.

Some people are shy, some are boring, and some are so charismatic they could probably charm the pants off a statue. It all comes down to an individual’s personality.

Boisson #1 : Bière

Your personality is nothing more than your inherent characteristics, formed over a lifetime. Your choices and decisions have a direct influence on your personality, and vice versa.

This is what differentiates everyone’s beհavior. Today we offer you a fun personality test. Your choices in the test will reveal your dominant personality traits.

Alcohol is one of five of the ten most consսmed drinks in the world and has been around for thousands of years.

Boisson #2 : Vin

Alcohol is used in drinks for recreational purposes because it releases endorphins (pleasure hormones) and results in better mood, increased confidence and an overall relaxed mind.

However, alcohol is considered a vice and is medically proven to be very harmful to health if consumed frequently.

But in limited quantities, drinking can be very enjoyable, and most people agree. On that note, look at the image above and choose one drink out of the six.

According to studies, your favorite alcoholic drink can say a lot about your character, and this viral personality quiz works on the same notion.

Boisson #3 : Whisky


The alcoholic drink you choose reveals your dominant personality traits.

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in the world and the go-to choice for most people. It’s light, cheap and easily accessible. If you chose beer, you know how to relax.

You are satisfied in life, but you are also easily stressed. You have a lot of things to do and you like to relax as much as possible. You have an eye for detail and are full of knowledge.

You also don’t care much about other people’s opinions of you, especially if you opt for traditional beers. If you prefer craft beers, you are adventurous and full of energy.

Wine is one of the oldest and most delicious alcoholic beverages. If you choose this grape-derived liqueur, you are a social butterfly. You enjoy attending parties and meeting new people.

Boisson #4 : Vodka

You can talk for hours and enjoy knowing and revealing secrets. You also crave new experiences and have an organized nature. You have class and confidence.

You don’t bend easily and are okay with the way tհings are, no matter wհat others think. Wհite wine drinkers tend to be a bit more social than red wine drinkers,

who prefer more intimate company.

If you choose whiskey, you are mature and confident. You are very competent but tend to keep it to yourself. Your humility is one of your greatest traits.

You are comfortable interacting with people and sometimes demօnstrate remarkable social ease.

Boisson #5 : Rhum

However, you like to enjoy your free time alone. You are informed and careful. Your friends and family see you as a reliable person.

You are intelligent and prefer to surround yourself with similar individuals.

If you have chosen this Russian liqueur delight, you are calm and composed by nature. You are responsible and do not like to take unnecessary risks.

You live a simple life and seek comfort rather than impossible dreams.

Boisson #6 : Champagne

But that doesn’t mean you’re not ambitious. You like to keep your goals achievable and define your priorities. You don’t give in easily and do everything with a purpose.

Living a life without purpose is not a way to live at all, it is your belief.

Rum lovers are free souls. If this molasses-based liqueur is your choice, you are carefree and laid back.

You don’t worry about menial things and are always on the move. You like to explore, travel and have fun.

You are the type of person who is a social magnet. Even if you’re not trying to attract people, your personality makes you irresistible.

You dress well, speak with passion and are sensitive by nature. You care about others and adapt quickly to different environments

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