A boy gives up his dream shoes to buy boots for a poor classmate and is then rewarded

David liked to sit by the window on the school bus. He was looking out the window and remembering the game he played that day.It was his biggest dream to play for his country and become like all those great footballers.

He was proud of their victory and that he and his team won the championship gold cup.At the end of the game, David constantly repeated what he was going to say in front of the cameras and newspapers.When one of the classmates asked if it was possible to sit next to him, the boy was so preoccupied that he didn’t hear.

The boy sat next to David, took his backpack and began to share his dream.He wanted to become a famous football player like David. The boy was a true fan of David and never missed an opportunity to watch him play.He has always been shy and had trouble making friends. One day the boy finally found courage to talk to his hero.

The boy said he would like to have one of David’s shoes. David had been saving money for seven months to buy the pair of shoes he wanted. This was the first time that the 12-year-old child wanted to buy something for himself. And he wanted to do it without disturbing his mother.

He also had sisters and his mother was able to provide for all of them.David had saved enough money. And he did it every morning with a small delivery of the newspaper and selling the lemonade he made on his last vacation.So when that day came, he invited Guillermo to go with him to buy the shoes.

Guillermo felt real excitement for his idol. Just then, the bus suddenly hit a pothole and one of Guillermo’s shoes fell to the floor of the bus.David was surprised when he saw the worn and blackened shoe. It was a pair of thin, shoddy summer shoes.The boy was ashamed.

David was excited. There was no way David could go to the store alone. Not after what he had seen.David went to the store and asked them to give him the small size of those shoes. He said it was for his friend.Guillermo was confused.

Then the shop owner approached him, he said that he found out about what the boy did. And since the director was very moved by that move, he gave David new shoes.Such kind deeds should always be appreciated.

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